Bound By Birth

While pregnant with her second child, Jill becomes a member of an online message board where other women expecting children in the same month and year meet. On the message board she meets many other mothers to be who all share details about their families and lives, becoming online friends. While most of the mothers are friendly and honest, one mother, Jenn, appears to become possessive of Jill and openly attacks others who are friendly to her. Because of this, Jill distances herself from Jenn, although Jenn never really “gets” the message.

Shortly after the birth of Michael, Paul makes the decision to follow his dream of escaping corporate America and move his family to Key West Florida from Connecticut. In Key West Paul purchases an abandoned warehouse on the water and renovates it into a successful restaurant and bar. Jill finds a job as a legal assistant and, together with their two young sons, Michael and Joe, they settle in to a peaceful, low stress life amongst the palm trees and ocean breeze.

Jenn in the meantime remains obsessed with Jill and her “perfect” life. Jenn’s life is a disaster in her mind and she hates her husband and children. Jenn has come to the twisted delusion that Jill’s life rightfully belongs to her and she devises a plan to take that life as her own. Jenn travels to Key West, unbeknown to Jill or Paul, and puts her plan into motion.