A Tap On The Head

When someone says, “Think fast” just how fast is that? Travis involuntarily finds out.

While Travis lives the life of a successful editor for publishing houses, he experiences a life altering moment in Africa. A moment that instantly changed the trajectory of his life. But toward what end?

Travis seeks medical help to understand what has been progressively happening to him when he arrives at Dr. Sarah Meyers at a clinic in Cleveland, Ohio, or as Travis calls her, Dr. Sarah. Travis is exactly what she has been hoping to find to advance her research on human neural processing speed. Soon Travis thinks of Dr. Sarah as more than a scientist; he is falling for her. But she gives little indication the perspective is returned.

Dr. Sarah reaches out to her respected colleague, Dr. Lee Allison. Unknown to her, Dr. Allison is heading a black money government project to develop superfast thinking agents to decipher intelligence input. Things quickly shift from Travis’s newfound Dr. Sarah’s care to being a lab rat for the government.

With the aid of her best friend Melinda, Dr. Sarah rescues Travis and they all hide out in Amish country where Dr. Sarah continues her tests. Dr. Allison’s Senator benefactor sends his team in who capture Travis and the two women. Dr. Allison is now ready to get very invasive with Travis in his quest to replicate Travis’s neural speed. He is pressured to deliver.

During their second escape, Dr. Sarah is mortality wounded and Travis has to determine whether or not to use this power he seems to have acquired. Does he resign his beloved Dr. Sarah to face the same fate that he will? He doesn’t know what that fate will be. Dr. Sarah is near death in his arms and his decision is made.

Travis watches the progression in Dr. Sarah as he understands and welcomes the transformation. He is confident that Dr. Sarah will make use of her experience and that he will see her again soon.