Text Box: I was born just outside Las Vegas, Nevada where I lived till I was three and then grew up in Los Angeles, California, in the 1960's and 1970's, a time and place of immense social turmoil amidst surf, sand and palm trees. I went on later to live in San Francisco, Ohio, Connecticut, Long Island and Massachusetts. My jobs afforded me travel all over the U.S. and all over the world. I have been most everywhere and seen most everything. I am a strong believer that a person consists of the collection of life experiences they gain over time.
I have a daughter, Tiffany who is married to a great husband and father, Jason and they have provided me with three wonderful grandchildren, Tyler, Mackenzie and Dylan. I have a son Travis who is making his way in the world in his own amazing style, a son Joe who is brilliant and has an incredible future ahead of him, and a son Michael who, besides being a sports star, is an incredible human being and so full of promise. I couldn’t be prouder of all of my children.
I am a student of Rock and Roll and credit it with keeping my mind alive all this time, especially my idol David Bowie. There are no limits or boundaries in Rock, only experiments and innovation and pushing well beyond and that is what I believe we all should do with our minds. One of my favorite sayings has guided me well, “For a mind once expanded never returns to its original shape”. So very true.
I have had some incredible experiences including, an elephant safari in Zimbabwe, canoeing on the Zambezi River above Victoria Falls, exotic dining in Johannesburg, walking through the old markets in Singapore, visiting Jim Morrison’s grave, Bowie’s early home, the Caverns, Strawberry Fields, and Penny Lane, playing darts in a pub in Liverpool, staying next to the John and Yoko suite at the Amsterdam Hilton, all the sights of Paris, London, and more.  Twice I navigated the locks by longboat in northern England.
I have spoken to a large group of senior bankers at a conference at the Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai and purchased jewelry for my wife at the gold Souk there, walked the stone streets of Jerusalem and visited the Wailing Wall, the Olive Garden and other historical places in Israel. I have toured the jungles in Tahiti and Puerto Vallarta, visited tequila distilleries all over Mexico, had a drink at Sammy’s place and went to the bull fights in Cabo. I have skied Whistler Mountain in Vancouver, taken the Euro rail all over Europe, walked the catacombs of the Coliseum in Rome, toured the Vatican, visited the Leaning Tower of Pisa, David’s statue in Florence and Ferdinand's castle in Trieste Italy. I have taken the slow train through the French and Swiss Alps, laid on the beaches in St. Tropez and Cannes, gambled in Monte Carlo, eaten haggis while staying in a castle in Scotland, chipped off a chunk of the Berlin Wall before it fell, walked the gray dismal streets of East Berlin, partied with the reveler’s in Berlin when they won the World Cup and cruised the Rhine River. I stooped to get into the hideaway of Anne Frank in the Netherlands but walked tall through the Red Light District of Amsterdam. I have seen John the Baptist's skeletal hand, the sandals of Mohamed and walked the Blue Mosque all in Istanbul. 
I have eaten pig’s head in Madrid, zebra in South Africa, bull in Sao Paulo, skate in Brussels, and who knows what in Singapore. I had my Swiss Army knife repaired in a small street shop in Zurich. I rode on the hydrofoil from France to the White Cliffs of Dover. I stepped over the barrier and rubbed the stones of Stonehenge. I have toured the caves on Aruba, relaxed on the beaches throughout the Caribbean, went to the movies alone in Copenhagen and drank late into the night at bars in Stockholm.. And so very much more - I haven’t even mentioned my experiences in the USA. All have gone into the recipe that is me.
I own a Jeep Wrangler that has been fully tricked out and I ride a Harley Soft Tail Custom. I have owned several bikes, an open bow ski boat, a 1962 hard top convertible Corvette—yes it was a little red Corvette, a 1955 Chevy Bel Air that I raced quarter mile at Irwindale during high school (turned low 10’s!), and even a brown Ford Pinto in the mid 1970’s.
I have worked full time since I was 13—until 2009 that is—and have been able to gain experience in virtually every function of a corporation. I helped pioneer ATMs, POS terminals, credit and debit cards, smart cards, prepaid cards and much more. I started at the bottom and climbed to the top—and learned along the way that in the corporate world, nothing matters but the survival of the entity called the corporation. People’s personal goals far outweigh the feelings and considerations of those around them, and politics is nothing more than a school yard game played by adults. Having said that, I have forged amazing relationships and friendships and seen the positive attributes of corporate life. It really is all about the people you work for and with. I have always tried to be a mentor and humanistic with my staff, while expecting them to learn and out achieve themselves continually—growing and bettering themselves.  I have to admit, Jerry Springer has it right when he says “Take care of yourself … and each other” - it really is what counts in life.
I have coached and managed youth sports for a long time. Ten years in Little League, five of those years on the Board. I managed three All Star teams that did very well. I also have coached youth football for 16 years in Los Angeles, Ohio and Massachusetts. I have found that coaching adds a lot to your life and how to deal with people. How many times, in a  variety of circumstances, are you dealt a hand not of your choosing and you must make the best of it. It is a challenge I love and to be able to positively impact a young person’s life by imparting a part of yourself is so precious.
I have long dreamed of being a successful writer and have accumulated a large collection of partial manuscripts and lyrical poetry over the years. I’ve spent several decades in Corporate America in a variety of roles and responsibilities, though mostly marketing. There never seemed to be time for writing. Such are the distractions of working for the Man. 
An opportunity to pursue my writing dream arose when I was caught in the economy of 2009 and a corporate downsizing. With the challenges faced in a tough job market, I turned some of my attention to self-publishing (Createspace). This resulted in Bound By Birth—a fictional thriller. Reader responses and reviews have been extremely encouraging and I am working on the next two books to follow—NOT sequels—but connected in passing.

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