Text Box: The following Projects are in various stages of development. Titles are working titles at this point.
Text Box: A man in his mid-50’s sets out on a late night long drive from Massachusetts to Ohio to visit his  daughter and grandchildren.
A late-20’s woman takes the same late night drive from and to roughly the same areas to visit her ex-husband and his new family.
Both drivers are using their new, high tech, highly touted GPS for the first time.
Imagine all this—in the Twilight Zone
Text Box: The Artist is revealed in all his splendor in this captivating, not for the weak of heart, thriller. Introduced in the last chapter of Bound By Birth, readers can now enter the world of “The Artist” where his search for new artistic expression is all consuming—in more ways than one.
 Add a divorced detective who is  married to his job and a smart young career girl , both just trying to keep on keeping on in present-day Dallas, and the intersecting  lives hold unlimited potential.
Targeted for mid 2010 publication
Text Box: TVC-1500
Text Box: Pictures At An Exhibition

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